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14th Aug 2014, 7:21 PM


Personal update

I honestly don't know if anyone reads these. 

So I recently started having some issues with my tablet related to my Windows 8.1 "upgrade".  I ended up buying a Surface Pro and losing a few days of working time between setting it up and catching a cold.  I'm still under the weather but I'm drawing again.  Currently working on page 18.  This is the true beginning of Xibalba.  I'm really excited for this scene and I hope y'all enjoy reading it.

It was recently suggested that my art lacks consistency.  I could not agree more with that assessment.  I'm still learning and experimenting.  I don't want to settle on a style until I've reached a certain level of skill.  Ideally a level significantly higher than where I am now.  I'm still settling on final designs for my characters.  I've been happy with Marcus since my first attempt.  I think I've finally found a version of Teo I really like (you'll see that version of him on page 18.  Here's hoping I can replicate it for scene three).  I know what I want Dara to look like but it always comes out wrong when I actually try to do it.  Currently she looks more androgynous than I'd prefer.  Hopefully I'll have that sorted out by the end of scene two.  Ideally by the end of the page I'm working on now.

One last thing, I came up with a fun idea for bonus art involving other comics on CF.  I'm going to be showing you Marcus' failed auditions for other CF comics.  I'm going to be starting with  "Serpents of Old" because that's where the idea started.  Also, it was one of the first comics I read when I joined CF.  If you want to see Marcus getting rejected by the casting director for your comic, send me a pm to that effect and I'll start a list.  You should have enough pages posted for me to put together dialogue relevant to your strip.  I don't plan on using any of your original characters as I'm likely to butcher them with my currently inferior art.  I will be using your existing banners in the background.

That's all for now,


6th Jun 2014, 10:29 AM


On Buffers

Before I started posting anything, I wanted a four week buffer to be sure I wouldn't miss my deadlines early on. 

Xibalba has been a long time coming and I'm impatient to share it with you.  At the same time, I have two more months of classes and can't be sure that I'll be able to carve out time for a full page every week for the next eight weeks.  Pages five and six were always intended as a two page spread so you'll get a double post that week. 

I decided that I can afford to give you a bonus page any time my buffer extends past the end of my courses.  We're looking at something like three hundred pages here and I'd rather not spend the next six years of my life on one book so hopefully I'll be able to bump it up to a consistent two pages per week after I'm done with classes.

Check back in a few weeks when the story really gets rolling. 


2nd Jun 2014, 7:10 PM


First Blog

Welcome to Xibalba! 

     I've had this story rattling around in my head for roughly ten years.  It took me about two or three years to write the original script.  Now, I've never really been an artist or had anything you might call "artistic talent," so I sought to employ an artist to do this part in my stead.  Well, as you can probably guess, that didn't go over well for me.  About two months ago, one of my best friends (known here as TouchNotTheCat), gave me a much needed kick in the pants to get this done.  So I bought an Ugee drawing tablet and a copy of Manga Studio 5 and got to work. 

     I have a lot to learn about light, shadow, depth and proportion but I'm making every effort to capture the original look and feel that I originally planned.  This means you only get full color pages (except for a few sequences that were originally planned in black and white) which, in turn, means a greater chance of missing my deadlines.  To minimize that chance, I waited until I had a few pages done as a buffer before I started posting.  Each page comes out a little nicer than the one before so who knows, I might become an actual artist by the end of this.

     Thanks for reading.  I'll do my best to respond to any comments posted in a timely manner.  If I get a significant amount of interest in it I might do some Q&A with the characters or some bonus art from time to time.

     If you decide you don't want to wait for a weekly comic and would rather just read the script instead, you'll find it here along with a few random short stories: do me a favor and resist the temptation to post spoilers.

     This is my story.  It is one of hardship and resiliance, loss and victory, wonder and terror.  Mostly hardship, loss and terror.  I hope you enjoy it.